Web Design Solutions By Advantage Web Consulting

Professional Web Design Does Matter!

Before we start designing, we will discuss with you to find out what you would like to accomplish with your web site. What is your product? Who is your demographic? How do you want to come across? Who do you want to appeal to? These are just some basic questions that need to be answered before the first graphic or text is made.

Your Web site is a visitor’s first impression of your company, so it needs to be a memorable one. After all, image is everything … You wouldn’t want your brick-and-mortar store to have graffiti or a broken cash register, or your marketing literature to have typos and torn edges, so why should your Web site be any different?

Our services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. With expertise in every facet of internet communication, Advantage Web Consulting merges technology with art for results that are effective, usable, and compelling.

A successful Internet presence requires more than quality layout and graphics. It is the end product of a design process which requires proficiency in numerous areas. Advantage Web Consulting’s staff combines expertise in graphic design, programming, communications, cognitive psychology, software development, information architecture, media production and human-computer interaction.

Our programming and scripting team is able to provide you database driven, secure, customized solutions, professionally tailored to your needs. We don’t use clip art – all the graphics on our client sites are custom created by us for their site. This ensures a distinctive look. Our staff has been creating award-winning Web sites since 2000. Our experience shows in every client site we produce. Custom 3-D computer-generated illustrations and animations designed specifically for quick-loading and smooth playback on the Web is another offer for our clients.

You can have your ad agency design your site, but will it be:

  • Optimized to load quickly?
  • Designed with usability in mind?
  • “indexable” by search engine spiders so that people can find it?
  • Hand-coded, to ensure easy upgrades?
  • Designed to load properly on all devices such as Smart Phones and Tablets

Truth is, effective Web sites (those that generate sales, leads and other conversions) have a unique balance of form and function. Our design team understands that image optimization, usability, visitor experience – and the ability to get pages indexed in search engines – are key factors to your site’s success, and ultimately, your company’s bottom-line. They take into account all the little things (that really do matter!) to achieve a unique balance of form and function that works for you and your users.

So, the choice is yours. You can have your friends nephew design your site for his midterm project, bring it in-house, or have an ad agency do it. But, if you want a high-quality, user-friendly Web site, Advantage Web Consulting understands what it takes. And if your company doesn’t have the in-house maintenance expertise to support and update your Web site, we can offer this service for a monthly/yearly fee. Establishing an Internet presence has never been more hassle-free.

If your business has an existing Web site that’s not getting the attention you had hoped for, Advantage Web Consulting can add the design and technical elements that bring your Web presence to life and makes it more user-friendly. And we can provide the online marketing expertise to get you the right exposure. Contact Us anytime for a no obligation free quote at Advantage Networking or at www.advantagewebconsulting.net