Hosting Services

Advantage Networking can host servers delivering specific programs and services or host your entire core server environment. We can provide remote access to this via several methods including Microsoft Remote Desktops Services, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Citrix, Native Access and others. Advantage Networking can provide services to augment our hosting such as:

  • Email, Archiving, Spam Filtering.
  • Backups for the File System and Email.
  • Antivirus for the File System and Email.
  • Geographical Accountability. (You will know where your server are.)
  • Server Health Monitoring and Reporting.
  • Level III I.T. Support.
  • Application and Policy Management.
  • User Management and User Policy Control.
  • Internet Access, Firewall, VPN and Intrusion Security.
  • Maintenance and Update Support.
  • Portability. We make it easy to retrieve your data or move your Virtual Server to another compatible environment.